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Video: “Irreplaceable You” Official Trailer

03 February 2018
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Guys.. we’re going to cry so much!!!

Coverage: Holby City

30 June 2017
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I’ve been able to locate, what I think is Gugu’s first project, at least according to her IMDB. Gugu guest starred on Holby City’s 7th season as a pregnant lady called Colette Hill. You can watch the episode (Thanks tumblr)and check out the screencaptures below.


Coverage: After the Storm (2016)

29 June 2017
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Sometimes last year, we got an email telling us that Gugu was part of a campaign on Indiegogo to make a short movie called After the Storm. We donated and have been waiting for a while to get any update since the last email we got was 6 months ago promising more updates but we got nothing. A few weeks ago I got a tip from one of our followers telling me the movie was posted online, but we still got no official link from the campaign and we decided to wait a bit. Today I decided to just go ahead and post the production stills we found online so check them out:

And here is the movie, that as far as I know (source 1, source 2) have been officially released online, enjoy!

Video: ‘Miss Sloane” Trailer

13 September 2016
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